Fund My Contractor – Contractor Financing for Recruitment Agencies

Short Term Contractor Invoice Finance for Recruitment Agencies, by Recruitment Industry Experts


Fund My Contractor offers short term invoice finance for recruitment agencies to place  contractors without the commitment of long term factoring arrangement.

Perfect for:

  • New start-ups without an¬†established cash-flow
  • Permanent agencies who handle the occasional contract placement
  • Agencies who can’t access traditional invoice finance, perhaps due to poor credit or lack of assets

Why use Fund My Contractor over other funding solutions?

Fund My Contractor’s model was designed by recruitment specialists for the recruitment industry, and isn’t subject to many of the same issues traditional financing methods are.

  • No set-up fees or up-front charges – our cost comes out of the profit when the client has paid the invoice
  • No long term contracts – finance as many or as few candidates as you need, for as long as necessary
  • International placements are simple – finance candidates in over 125 countries and in dozens of currencies, just as easily as in the UK
  • Immediate set-up – for UK placements, Fund My Contractor can be set-up and ready to go in as little as 3 hours

Managing cash flow is not always easy but by using Fund My Contractor instead of normal invoice factoring has proven the right choice for hundreds of recruitment agencies in the UK and overseas.

For more information on how our short term funding for contractors work visit the ‘How it Works‘ and ‘FAQ‘ sections of our website or contact us today for me information on 0845 8811 112.